I have a simple philosophy when it comes to working – stay nimble and flexible and maintain the ability to execute with honesty, integrity and a sense of personal responsibility.

my talents and interests

a little bit about what I do...

Front End Development Front End Development

modern web-stack craftsperson responsive across browsers and projects.

Engineering Leadership Engineering Leadership

mentoring, cultivating, challenging the next generation of developers.


from wires to delivery – advocacy for the platform, customer, and developer

Physical Computing Physical Computing

micro-controllers & controlled cloud services – oh my!

Theatre Design & Production Theatre Design & Production

specializing in live event production including lights, sound, software, action!

Bitcoin Bitcoin

uncensorable, unconfiscatable, undeniable, inevitable hard money.

It is with honor and humility that I present some select testimonials from some heroes of mine from the past...

Carl Jung

“A curious mind is that of Matt’s. He consistently ‘looks to the horizon and not at his feet’ throughout his trials and travails in life. His ability to conjure his dreams and desires into objective reality confounds me to this day.”

- Carl Jung
NIkola Tesla

“A man of unyielding energy and creativity. Matt has impressed me countless times with his depth and breadth of knowledge across the arts and sciences. Of his most impressive attributes, I find his leadership skills second to none.”

- NIkola Tesla
Alexander Graham Bell

“Matt’s fascination with sound and the electronic transmission of longitudinal waveforms drives an impressive ability to fuse engineering and art. Matt is a true and well rounded craftsperson – a renaissance man ahead of his time.”

- Alexander Graham Bell