About me

Front End Specialist / UX Designer / Producer

With over 25 years of experience in Front End Web Development, I've been at the forefront of digital innovation, deploying interfaces from AS3 Flash to NextJS. My technical expertise is complemented by a track record of successful Theater Design and Production projects in NYC, showcasing my ability to bring creative visions to life on stage.

In addition to my technical prowess, I excel in mentorship and leadership roles, having served as a project lead for 8 years. Whether guiding a team through a complex production or mentoring junior developers in their growth, I thrive on fostering talent and creating collaborative, high-performing teams.


what i do

Web Development

web-stack craftsperson responsive across browsers and projects

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UX/UI Design

focused advocacy for the platform, customer, and developer

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mentoring, cultivating, challenging the next generation of developers.

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uncensorable, unconfiscatable, undeniable, inevitable hard money.

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